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Solar Return Astrology Report (Bound Booklet)

Solar Return Astrology Report (Bound Booklet)

The gift of growth


The solar return chart, often referred to as the ‘birthday’ chart, is set for the time when the Sun returns to its natal position. This occurs each year on your birthday and is a very powerful and influential cycle that runs through your life. Each cycle brings a different type of opportunity for growth and soul evolution.

Over the 40 pages, your full colour solar return astrological report will provide valuable insight and help you discover the themes, lessons, challenges and issues that will arise for you this solar return year. It is the perfect birthday gift to give to yourself or another.

Note: Your report is personally created for you, please allow up to 3 working days to receive it.

Date of Birth
Time of Birth (as accurate as possible)
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Bound booklet
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Three baskets of knowledge contained in your report:

  1. an introduction to your solar return chart and the keys to reading your chart for greater understanding;
  2. using the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences that are unique to your solar chart to maximise your potential for the year;
  3. a comprehensive report giving valuable information on the dynamics of your solar return year and what areas of your life you are likely to experience growth and change.
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This report is so valuable

“Thank you so much for this valuable gift of the Solar Return Report. I ordered one for my current year and had read it for the first time within a few days of receiving it. I am about to read through it for the second time, more slowly, and make a couple of notes of what to keep an eye on. So far, it makes so much sense and gives reason to certain urges and inner promptings I have felt building all year - even before my birthday. This report is so valuable. I have already recommended it to others, and if I could find a way of putting it without sounding too "alternative" I would recommend it to everyone! My heartfelt thanks.”

Mia Stevenson
Auckland, New Zealand


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