How Simonne Butler, Author and Survivor of Domestic Violence Discovered Her Spiritual Purpose

How Simonne Butler, Author and Survivor of Domestic Violence Discovered Her Spiritual Purpose


Watch Franchelle's interview with Simonne below 


Over the years I have met some truly amazing people.

I have heard many fascinating and magical life stories that give a glimpse into the wonders and mysteries of spiritual connection, the limitlessness of the human spirit and the incredible power of the human soul.

While each of the people I have met is a unique individual soul with a unique story to tell, there is one thing I have found they had in common…

They had a spiritual spark and their own spiritual connection.

Some of these people were, to some degree or another, aware of their spiritual connection while some of them were not aware of it at all. What they did is they fearlessly followed their inner star. They listened to their soul’s guidance that lead them through a series of magical encounters and mysterious synchronicities to be in the right place at the right time to make their date with destiny.

Meeting with each one of these souls has been a lasting memorable moment for me. The image of each person is deeply imprinted in my physical and metaphysical eyes. Looking into their eyes… a moment of recognition of the long, and often arduous, journey their soul and spirit has travelled to arrive at this point… Sharing together a moment of synchronicity, joy and a sense of wonder.  

I knew that each of these people at some level or another, experienced and lived the magic in their life.

On my Living Magically People Power blog and newsletter this week, I am interviewing one of these people.

Through a series of questions I ask Simonne Butler, author and survivor of domestic violence, she reveals her soul’s remarkable hero story and shares the single most redefining moment of her life that awakened her spiritual purpose.

I trust you will find this interview truly inspirational. Simonne shares slightly different aspects of her journey in the video and in writing. Make sure to watch the video and read the interview below.. 

Love and Magic 

Living Magically Guest Interview

with Simonne Butler

Watch Simonne Butler's Inspirational Interview 

In this 30-minute video interview Simonne Butler reveals to Franchelle how publishing her book affected her mental health and what she did to rise above it

Read the story below to find out what was the most redefining moment in Simmone's life and learn more about the gifts Simmone has for the Living Magically readers


Losing my hands and dealing with an aftermath 

In my twenties I was in a relationship with a violent man and in 2003 he cut off both of my hands with a samurai sword.

I was rescue-helicoptered to hospital and surgeons worked for 27 and a half hours to successfully reattach both my hands.

I subsequently had 11 more general anaesthetic surgeries over the next 5 years to try to improve function and scarring in my hands and arms, and went to hand therapy for 15 years. During this time I also had to testify against my attacker in High Court, twice, and was hounded by the media.

Though modern medicine and surgery saved my life, I experienced unwanted side effects of the medications prescribed, and found traditional counselling wasn’t giving me what I needed, so early on I turned to natural therapies to manage my pain, support my body’s natural healing mechanisms, and deal with the psychological trauma and mental health issues I was experiencing including PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, overwhelm, and general feelings of unsafety in the world.

I’d always had an affinity for natural medicine so this worked well for me.

In 2005 while still dealing with surgeries, trials, and the reality of becoming permanently disabled, I enrolled in a Diploma of Naturopathy at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. 

During that time I discovered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that later on played a key role in helping me write my book.


Writing is where I found my voice and reclaimed myself

I began journaling in 2004 to make sense of the mess of my life and my mind. I felt a burning need to share some of the amazing healing I was experiencing with the world. So the idea of the book was birthed.

I kept journaling my breakthroughs, the pain, the hardship, my memories, and the natural therapies that were working for me.

I had no idea how to move forward publishing a book, and one part of me thought perhaps I should just give up,  and another part of me still believed in magic.  

In 2012 I met with Mary Egan Ltd, a publishing company that specialises in helping independent authors produce the highest calibre of books, and they not only believed in me and my story they nurtured me, encouraged me, got my website built, and helped me crowdfund in 2014 to raise the money to publish. It was incredible.

For a long time I was thinking my book would mainly be about healing, but as I went on I realised I had to talk about the violence in depth.

Through a series of synchronistic moments and encounters in 2014 I met my co-writer Andra Jenkin. We spent most of 2015 sitting cross legged on my bed or her couch going through 17 years of journals and writing the book. My head injuries popped up a few times, making me fatigued and forgetful, and it was a big lesson in finding the balance between rest and activity. It also was a lesson in following my unique path, one step at a time.

My constant companion throughout the whole process were First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. They are what helped me to push through and not give up.


Meeting Franchelle - a redefining moment 

Meeting Francelle in 2006 was the single most redefining moment of my life.

It sparked in me recognition of who and what I truly am, and awakened a spiritual purpose and deep spiritual connection with the cosmos that had long been dormant. 

It happened while I was studying at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies where Franchelle was teaching flower essence classes.

I attended her class on my 31st birthday weekend, where Franchelle introduced me to The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa and it changed my life forever. It has put me on a life long journey into the mystery, into myself and my capabilities, as well as a forged life-long love affair with flower essence therapy and the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range created by Franchelle.

To me Franchelle has been a teacher, Principal, mentor, guide, spiritual counsellor, medicine woman, shamanic teacher, and healer. Her teaching work and award winning vibrational medicine in the form of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® has elevated me beyond my wildest dreams and is and forever will be a daily part of my life. 

When Franchelle opened the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® it felt like all my prayers had been answered.

I had all this natural talent with shamanic healing and finally there was a place where I could nurture and grow my innate abilities and learn everything I needed to step into my power as a modern day medicine woman and shamanic practitioner within a structured and supported program.

Going through the 24 rites of passage of the shaman and then the 24 rites of passage of the master shaman with Franchelle was profoundly transformative and deeply healing and gave me a whole new and deeper understanding of the layers of trauma that exist within the human psyche. I am forever grateful.

Completing the Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies® gave me the capacity and strength to host two series of Breaking Silence, an eight part documentary show about moving past domestic violence in New Zealand. 


What am I working on right now?

My latest offering is an Empowerment and Reclamation 4 week, 12 week, and 24 week distance healing program and workshop designed for people to begin to heal from abuse, violence, stress injuries, mental health issues, psychological trauma, unworthiness, self-hatred, prolonged grief, anxiety and/or depression.

I provide a nurturing and supportive environment to help them step into their power, heal past wounds and traumatic experiences, cultivate healthy boundaries, improve self-esteem, self-love and acceptance, improve positive self-talk, rid unwanted mind chatter, and clear out hidden pain and unresolved trauma.

This is done through having one on one online sessions with me, weekly check-ins with me, working at an energetic level with flower essence therapy, and working with shamanic healing principals, herbs, nutrition, planetary cycles and journaling exercises.

This work is important to me as more and more I am finding people are struggling with mental and emotional health issues, or struggling to move past traumatic experiences, and often seem to be diagnosed with multiple mental illness labels or personality disorders that don’t take into account previous traumatic events still impacting daily life.

I’m so excited to be able to offer safe, effective natural options for those struggling to empower themselves and heal their spirit and come home to themselves, and experience freedom, joy, and peace. 


A gift for Franchelle’s readers

As a special offer, utill July 31st 2022, anyone who signs up for my Empowerment and Reclamation program of any length (4, 12, 24 weeks) will receive a free signed hard copy of Double-edged Sword The Simonne Butler Story by mentioning this interview (Living Magically with Guest Simonne Butler).

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