24-25 September 2022 – Franchelle Speaking at The Sacred Summit

Franchelle has accepted an invitation to present at The Sacred Summit on 24-25 September 2022. The title of the topic is Psychic Superpowers and the Occult Pathway.
In this enlightening and revealing presentation Franchelle will introduce you to the magical and mysterious world of the occultist and the occult pathway with its associated psychic superpowers.
You will gain a rare glimpse into the life of a true occultist and what it takes to ‘ride the lightning.’ A path that calls many but that very few have the courage and discipline to follow.
Discover the important difference between psychism and true psychic superpowers. Why to date only a very small group of people have been able to truly master the art of true supersensory perception.
You will learn about the spiritual superpowers and remarkable metaphysical skills the occultist has that enable them to penetrate deeply into the mysteries of the universe, communicate with divine mind and know the unknowable. In the ancient world the great sages worked with a proven occult pathway that when travelled conferred exemplary psychic and occult superpowers. Find out why this highly secret pathway that conferred special skills and abilities was open only to a few. Now with the turning of the ages, access to this ancient occult and magical pathway is open to those who hear the call to walk the psychic high road to mastering magical and supersensory power.