30th September-2nd October 2016 – The 10th Medicine Woman Gathering Workshop and Retreat



Work with the Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa - Unlock your inner power with the alchemy of astrology, native New Zealand flower essences and sacred ceremony.

Discover the power of esoteric astrology, shamanism, First Light® flower essences and ceremony actively working in your life.

You are invited to participate in a new teaching and activity cycle of the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®.

Join us for a magical and dynamic weekend of healing, astrology, shamanic journeying, ceremony and ritual.

The workshop is suitable for men and women open to the power of true relationship with the metaphysical realm, self and the cosmos.

During this fully experiential weekend you will discover the ‘rooms of power’ within your ‘metaphysical house.’ You will learn how to clear blockages within these rooms that prevent you from stepping into your full power and living life as a ‘powerhouse.’


What you will experience over the weekend:

  1. Experience the magical relationship that exists when you connect with the heavens and the earth and mediate their powers in and through you
  2. Discover the magic of working with Sacred Plant Medicine and Teacher Plants
  3. Work with the power of ceremony and ride the tides of power with nature as your ally 
  4. Work with your astrological chart and discover the true meaning of living life as a ‘powerhouse.’ 
  5. Discover and experience the deeper levels of relationship with your plant and planetary allies 
  6. Discover practical new tools to use for yourself, friends, family and clients
  7. Learn the art of planetary flower essence diagnosis
  8. Learn about the astrological houses and planetary Feng Shui for the soul
  9. Work with your astrological chart as a master key to unlocking inner powers.
  10. Work with the power of the heavens and earth to effect deep, real and positive change in your life


This year you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a traditional and powerful experience of Sweat Lodge.

In the Sweat Lodge (Inipi) we purify body, mind, spirit and send out prayers on behalf of all that is. Sweat Lodge numbers are limited, please register your interest via email to study@medicinewoman.com, with the subject line “Sweat Lodge”.
There is a cash-only koha (suggested amount $30) to be paid on arrival at the workshop.


Numbers limited. Do not miss this once only event.
Previous astrological knowledge or experience is not necessary.

SPEAKER: Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
DATE: Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016
TIME: Friday 7.00pm to Sunday 4.00pm
THEME: Mediating the Powers of Heaven and Earth
WORKSHOP COST: NZ$535.00. Includes materials required for workshop
ACCOM & FOOD COST: Accommodation and food costs are additional and to be paid directly to Tauhara Retreat Centre
VENUE: Tauhara Retreat Centre, Taupo, New Zealand
ADDRESS: 60 Acacia Heights Drive, Acacia Bay, Taupo, New Zealand



About the Speaker

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is an esoteric astrologer with over 45 years of astrological experience. Franchelle is an award winning vibrational medicine specialist and has been combining flower essences with her astrological work with clients since 1973. Franchelle is the co-creator of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and the Principal of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand School and the Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic Studies.