6 November 2021 – Franchelle Speaking at the Healing Biz Summit 2021

6 November 2021 – Franchelle Speaking at the Healing Biz Summit 2021

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is speaking at the Healing Biz Summit 2021


Franchelle’s Topic: Esoteric Hypnosis, Healing and the Aquarian Age


In her powerful presentation ‘Esoteric Hypnosis, Healing and the Aquarian Age’ Franchelle will speak about what is required to facilitate true healing in the Aquarian Age and how the tool of hypnosis will need to be applied to achieve that.

Franchelle will introduce you to the ancient and supremely powerful tool of esoteric hypnosis that was used by the healing priests and priestesses in the legendary sleep temples of ancient Egypt. The magical art of esoteric hypnosis and working in the metaphysical realm was known to the ancient Egyptian healer-priests and priestesses who were specially trained and were able to work, what today we would call miracles. In this presentation Franchelle will give you a glimpse of the magical world of soul and spirit and the role they play in hypnotherapy and true healing. Franchelle has successfully worked with thousands of clients worldwide and she is excited to share some of her secrets and insights with you and introduce you to Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® – revolutionary holistic healing modality designed to not just create a surface change but to completely and magically transform a person’s consciousness and, as a consequence, their entire life. It enables you to take your healing work with clients to an entirely new level and help more people in a deep and more profound way.


“The need for true healing has never been greater,
the task has never been bigger
and the work you have come here to do
has never been more important.”


About Franchelle:


Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is the founder of the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Training Academy – the global leader and training provider for esoteric and spiritual hypnosis, shamanic healing hypnotherapy and deep soul work.

Franchelle is a spiritual teacher, qualified professional clinical hypnotherapist, multi-award winning vibrational medicine specialist, author of two seminal books and medicine woman with over 50 years of experience working with clients and training thousands of students around the world.

Through the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® hypnotherapy courses Franchelle provides cutting edge esoteric hypnosis skills, techniques and knowledge that are not available anywhere else. These are truly ground-breaking skills that can set you apart in the field of healing and hypnotherapy.

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