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House of the Bee Lineage

House of the Bee© Mystery School and Lineage Teachings

The Most Ancient Mystery School on the Planet

The House of the Bee© is the contemporary expression of an unbroken lineage of teaching that first arose on earth in the ancient continent of Lemuria. It is also the response and outworking to a divine directive to democratise the ancient mystery teachings and Hermetic sciences by making them available as a healing modality, spiritual pathway and magical system.

In essence The House of the Bee© is a true Aquarian Age mystery school that both stands and works for the transformation of the planet and its people.

About the House of the Bee©

From an esoteric perspective the credibility of the House of the Bee©, like any true mystery school lies in the veracity, relevancy, depth, quality and applicability of its teachings. From an esoteric perspective, the House of the Bee©'s credibility lies in part in its spiritual lineage and inner planes connections that enable its students to enter into the necessary rites of passage or initiations that when passed through lift the person’s consciousness and awareness to a demonstrably higher level.

The House of the Bee© as custodian of the ancient mysteries is the leading custodian of the love-wisdom teachings. They are all nature based in that they not only work in conjunction with the energies from the natural world they also all come from observations based on the natural world.

High Priestess of the House of the Bee© Custodian of the Ancient Mysteries

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber is the High Priestess of the House of the Bee© and the sole custodian of the ancient lineage teachings of the House of the Bee©. These are the original high teachings of the Black Goddess who is the creation Goddess, the source of all.

The High Teachings of the House of the Bee©

These high teachings of the Black Goddess are the ancient sacred teachings on the powers of nature, vibration, alchemy, magic, ritual, hypnosis and healing. Black being the colour that is symbolically associated with night, that which is hidden, secret or occult and which is connected to the heart of the cosmos and the mystery of creation. The House of the Bee© is the sole custodian of the teachings of the Eighth Ray which is the Goddess ray of ritual, magic, relationship and regenesis. Souls who are working with the Eighth Ray are working magically and metaphysically with the power of the Goddess and the unconquerable magic of light to purpose good in the world and to co-create a new way of living and being on the planet

The House of the Bee© mystery teachings

The House of the Bee mystery school teachings and spiritual practices are unique in part because they have re-integrated the three Hermetic sciences of alchemy, astrology and magic back into the single integrated Hermetic science it originally was.

Franchelle makes this information available in the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® online training programs and Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® online training programs.

The House of the Bee is also different because it presents the ancient wisdom teachings in a universal and inclusive recontextualised form that is both relevant and necessary for 21st century requirements.

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