I have gained back composure and control

“I fell in love with the First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® after I received a blend from a practitioner in 2020. I was absolutely blown away with the profound results it had on me in such a short space of time.

I enjoyed absolutely everything about the First Light® Flowers of Transformation course. What sticks out the most is the correlation between the primal urges and zodiacal types also the 12 departments of life – mind blowing! I wish I knew all about this as a young person, it would have saved me feeling like I was ‘losing it’.

So many people are fed up with their current ‘recommendations’ to manage themselves and they are now seeking what is currently known as ‘alternative’ ways of wellbeing. I know for my clients I will be able to offer valuable insight into why they have certain tendencies, and provide them with ways to developing more empathy for themselves and others, while undergoing holistic healing in the process.

For me as an Empath I feel everything at a very deep level and often depending on the situation, the feelings can overwhelm and consume me so I feel like I am ‘losing my mind’. By undertaking this course, spiritually I feel as if I have gained back composure and control over the out of balance pain-stress-depression cycle.

I am so excited about getting the First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® out to the world!

The world needs to know about them and the incredible life transformations they can get from using this vibrational medicine. I’m super excited about getting a solid established clientele.

The biggest thank you from the depth of my soul for bringing this sacred plant medicine into creation for humanity.”

Megan Chamberlain
Holistic Health Therapist, Creative Jewellery Artist, New Zealand

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