I healed myself and I met my true self

“I have done all the other Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs and enrolling onto the Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© program was a natural progression for me.

As a healer, I now feel more confident in my role as a trusted guide to those on the healing and transformational pathways of life. I have been to many places in the metaphysical realms thanks to these programs and shown up to the very best of my ability. I have tools, maps and insights now that I can share with others to support them as they enter the mystery.

I have completed the program and it continues to work its magic. I feel that this program prepared me for one of the most significant upgrades in consciousness that I have experienced so far. In other words, I’m still emerging from the profound alterative and transcendent impact of this program. It feels very, very liberating and I know that more will always be revealed.

I healed myself and I met my true self. This means that my true self can begin to be revealed.

During the program, there were some months that brought up unresolved pain and exposed dark areas of my psyche and consciousness. These types of experiences can be challenging and painful but they have always delivered the gold! I managed the challenges by sharing them with a trusted friend and being honest about what was happening for me. This was also very healing and built trust and love more deeply into my matrix.

Being given access to the materials and practices in this program is life changing. My life can never be the same again because I am not the same person who stepped onto this pathway. I am still discovering who this new person is and I am able to do that with confidence and courage. Thank you.”

Lynda Earl
Holistic Practitioner

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