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Repeat a Program - Journey Deeper

Journey deeper into the mystery

Repeat at 1/2 the price of the enrolment fee on any of the Medicine Woman programs that you have previously enrolled in. This special price offer is available only to repeat students.

The learning and growth that you have experienced so far through completing a Medicine Woman program can be exponentially deepened and enhanced. When you repeat a Medicine Woman program whole new insights, understanding and experiences can be acquired enabling even higher levels of consciousness to be attained. Undertaking a program again allows you to significantly deepen your knowledge, understanding, wisdom and to also comprehensively increase your skills and capacities.

All training programs offered by Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® can be undertaken multiple times and in any order.

Benefits of repeating a program

  1. A new you. When you completed the program, you were a fundamentally different person to the one who started it. When you undertake a program again it is as if a new version of you chooses to embark on a rich magical and empowering journey. This enables you to have an entirely new experience with the teachings, experience new insights and have new levels of awareness.
  2. Exponentially enhance your abilities. As you step through the process and undertake the associated rites of passage once again, your allies from nature step forward again to assist you to develop, refine and really hone your spiritual skills, disciplines and capacities. Practice really does make perfect.
  3. Experience greater breakthroughs. Because the programs are true mystery school teachings, you will be able to expand your consciousness beyond where you thought was previously possible.
  4. Accelerate your growth. When you undertake the program again, you will notice how much more you are able to gain and how much faster you are able to grow.
  5. New insights and greater wisdom revealed. Deepen your relationship with the teacher plants, your guides, as they step forward to share new aspects of wisdom with you and reveal new information about yourself and your consciousness. There is no limit to the depth of relationship you can have with the teacher plants.
  6. Be an active warrior of light. Stay 'plugged in' to the Medicine Woman matrix and participate in the guided planetary transformation program every month.

Had phenomenal life changing benefits

"What inspired me to repeat the Medicine Woman Rite of The Six Moons© was an unwavering desire to dive further into the purification process. Undertaking this program the second time has had phenomenal life changing benefits. It has enhanced my connection with the master teacher plants, revealed deeper layers of untransmuted aspects of consciousness that no longer serve. My sensitivity has increased, and the master teacher plants have illuminated more ways to support and maintain higher levels of energetic integrity. I feel energetically upgraded and have paved the way to serve the greater good."

Christina Earl
Natural Health Practitioner, Artist and Musician

Feeling much lighter in myself

"I have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program for the second time. I chose this shorter course as I wasn’t ready to commit to a longer one but knew that I would benefit in my daily life having a teacher plant and the programme structure to support me to be consciously aware of myself and my daily experiences. What I was delightfully surprised about was the exponential gain of doing this a second time that brought greater degrees in calmness, steadiness, being present and feeling much lighter in myself. The online school brings great support in ways that help you to feel that you are not alone in your personal journey and my favourite aspect is receiving new information regularly."

Maria Gerathy
Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner and Disability Support Worker, Australia

I was able to release the grip of the past

“This was my second time undertaking the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program. My first experience was in 2012. Each month, my relationship with the teacher plants deepened, and I built upon my previous understanding and knowledge. I was able to gain greater insights from my day to day experiences. I have built upon the knowledge I already had, and my capacity to make changes, big or small, are achievable. I was able to see events unfold from a different perspective, and to release the grip of the past, and move through challenges with greater awareness and insight. I can see the benefit of undertaking the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs and the depth of insight that I have gained through each and every experience.

Thank you so much Franchelle, and everyone on the team, that make these programs possible and accessible, worldwide.”

Elizabeth Marino
Auckland, New Zealand

I feel a deeper connection to the goddess

“I have enrolled in many Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs before and have absolute faith in the sublime quality of the educational material across all aspects and dimensions. I have been very interested in Alchemy for some years and welcomed the opportunity to engage in disciplined and magical studies that would give me greater insight into the Emerald Tablet, open my heart to further guidance and strengthen my relationship with Isis-Urania. In 2019 I was in London, tracking underground rivers and ancient sites beneath the pedestrian levels; exploring the artifacts and energies in the British Museum, traversing ancestral sites around the Apothecaries at Black Friars and meeting the London Stone. The Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© enabled me to build on these relationships and reconnect with past life and ancestral alchemical connections. Personally, after undertaking this program, I feel a deeper connection to the goddess Isis-Urania, I have been fragranced with the exquisite beauty and resonance of the alchemical work. I can feel it in my bloodstream and there is a magical synchronicity between inner and outer worlds. I am more able to differentiate what is 'me' and what is an outer influence and much more adeptly adapt to the tides of power and consciously co-create with Nature and the Celestial powers. I am committing to the Eighth Ray rituals at a far deeper level, more aware of the 'tides of power' and aligned with the cosmos. I have greater faith in unseen forces and the divine harmonies of the Cosmos and how we co-create music with them. During the program my greatest challenge was having to leave my stable base and alchemical den in Tasmania after 11 months of dedicated practice, traversing to Aotearoa and establishing a new life without upsetting the alchemical chalice. It was certainly not ideal to have to move both my physical self and my Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© altar but the strong structure of the program, hearing familiar voices in the teachings, being part of the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® and travelling with a compass so that I could readily set up my altar in any locale really helped. As ever when undertaking the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs, I was very excited to feel the germination of new beginnings and would recommend this program to others 200%!

A very big heartfelt thank you for this opportunity to journey into the heart and engage with truly profound wisdom. A seed has been well-planted.”

Rose Claiden

Indicated Price is for the Program Fees Only

Teacher Plants and Alchemical Formulations Need to Be Purchased Separately

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  1. Medicine Woman Certificate in Rite of the Six Moons© (Repeating)
  2. Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© (Repeating)
    Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© (Repeating)
    Special Price NZ$600.00 Regular Price NZ$1,200.00
  3. Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© (Repeating)
    Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© (Repeating)
    Special Price NZ$1,200.00 Regular Price NZ$2,400.00
  4. Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© (Repeating)
  5. Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© (Repeating)
    Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© (Repeating)
    Special Price NZ$700.00 Regular Price NZ$1,400.00
  6. Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© (Repeating)
    Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© (Repeating)
    Special Price NZ$700.00 Regular Price NZ$1,400.00
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6 Items

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