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Personal Natal Astrology Report (PDF)

Personal Natal Astrology Report (PDF)

The gift of self knowledge


This best selling full colour astrological report provides comprehensive insight into your Personality and your character traits. Over the 50 pages, written in succinct and easy to understand language, you will learn about your inner strengths, life trends, deep longings and hidden pitfalls. Discover the song of your spirit. The true story of your life - the beginningless and endless story and song of your own spirit dance.

FREE GIFT: Your report includes a free copy of the Live Magickally® Little Book of Esoteric Astrology - The ABC of Astrology for the Soul Quick Guide 50-page PDF

Note: Your report is personally created for you, please allow up to 3 working days to receive it.

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Three baskets of knowledge contained in your report:

  1. an introduction to your natal chart and the keys to reading your natal chart for greater understanding;
  2. nine key areas of your life and the clues to creating wholeness and balance in your life;
  3. the relationships between the various planets in your natal chart to give you further insight into the bigger picture of your life.
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Indepth and very Insightful!

“E te iwi kiaora! Thank you!! I recieved my Natal Astrology Report from Master Astrologer Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. Indepth and very Insightful! Professional report, the outlay is easy to read and understand.I have always consulted the stars as I look to better understand myself and the nature of the arrangement of stars I was born under at the time of my birth. Esoteric in the way I can look more deeply into myself and what needs to addressed in this lifetime."

Elizabeth Nicolson
London, United Kingdom


“Hello! This is Oleg, Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber did my Astrology Natal Chart a while back it was great. I was thankful but I also thought I should express my gratitude by writing to her. I appreciate your insight into my chart with detailed accounts of me, explaining certain aspects of my character and the things which I need to overcome, and additional insights which were enlightening. I received my chart in May - I feel a bit upset I did not write sooner, Franchelle still remembers my birth date. Thank you Franchelle for your time and effort you are amazing! I will cherish the spiral bound book. It opened me up to a better view of how I can incorporate certain abilities to better myself. Love and Light.”

New Zealand

Fascinating reading

“Thank you very much for my Natal Chart reports for myself and my daughter – they make fascinating reading and the information will be put to good use!”

Vicky Kyan
Great Barrier Islands, New Zealand


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