Releasing stuck patterns

“A friend who is part of the Medicine Woman community mentioned the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program to me. As soon as I read about it, I felt very drawn to do the program.

The only concern I had was how much time I would need to commit myself fully to the program. When I found out that it would be 3-4 hours per week, it felt very doable and so I signed up straight away.

Initially I was also worrying about traveling and thinking what was I going to do without my altar. Then I decided that I needed to be able to do this anywhere.

I felt like I already had a good spiritual awareness and perspective however after doing this program I think I am just noticing so much more depth in everything around me. The signs/meanings and guidance that has always been there and now I am just much more conscious of it. Which is really assisting me in my own development and also my clients.

Having a business I think had weighed heavily on me, highlighting my people-pleasing habits and so I didn’t realize how this dense energy had affected me. And so I have made small changes and need to do more, but feel a lot lighter in myself.

After doing this program I am being more aware spiritually, mentally and releasing stuck patterns that were clouding my ability to really see myself and what is important to me.

When I shared any insights from working with each of the master teacher plants in the Medicine Woman online school, I really appreciated the comments and words of reflection and encouragement from Franchelle, the elders and others from the Medicine Woman community. It felt very supportive.”

Fiona Ross
Rehabilitation focused Personal Trainer, New Plymouth, New Zealand

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