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Flower Essence Blends

Flower Essence Blends

Award Winning Vibrational Medicine for Your Soul, Spirit and Cosmic Self

Exquisitely made, Franchelle’s gentle but powerful flower essence blends contain the award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® flower and plant essences to help you access the infinite power within you. These blends are liquid spiritual energy designed to assist you to connect to your own inner wisdom and experience magical transformation.

Each enchanted blend contains the infinite intelligence of nature and the magical powers of the universe to enable you to highlight your positive attributes and powerfully live your destiny.


Positive shift

Each of my children use their First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend© daily and I observe in them the positive shift of their personal expression to meet daily challenges. Life in the family unit and parenting becomes more harmonious, fluid and at ease.

Anna Gentry
Tutakaka Coast, New Zealand

Addressing the core of the issue

It is a gift to have the First Light® Nature’s Healing Bouquet Blend© facility to turn to, and know that the perfect bouquet blend will arrive in my letterbox to address the core of the issue within a short time. Thank you, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, for providing this space where an issue or situation can be expressed fully and support is soon on its way. With much aroha and gratitude.

Gillian Williamson

It has proved helpful

There is a vitality that comes with being in alignment with one’s uniqueness, one’s power. My personal First Light® Power Flower Essence© is No 18 Purple Koromiko. It has proved helpful to keep things simple for myself, to work intuitively in my work as a practitioner and to direct healing energy for others. The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® No 18 Purple Koromiko is an integral part of my day to day life and helps me interact with my world in an essential and powerful way.

Irene Dekker
New Zealand

Things just fell into place

I have been taking my First Light® Child of the Stars Blend© daily. I could feel the magic from the very first drop. I immediately felt reconnected to nature, magic and my inner real self. A whole new level of clarity came over me. All of a sudden it was like things just fell into place. Everything started moving very quickly in the direction of my dreams and ambitions and abundance kept pouring in. As soon as I made a decision and took the first step everything came together, like magic! Life felt good and easy, no matter what was going on and the lessons and guidance I received were very clear. It even seemed to extend out to those I was helping, like the magic rubbed off on them and their lives too. I felt like I was lightening up and releasing. Yes, an amazing feeling of "Lightening Up" in every sense.

Simonne Butler
Auckland, New Zealand


"I recently finished taking two bottles of Franchelle’s First Light® Child of the Stars Blend© ...WOW! What a time it has been.. I have found myself dancing outside barefoot under the stars, integrating some parts of myself that were lost and have had some real moments of magic... literally nature whispering in my ear... My magical First Light® Child of the Stars Blend© included First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® No 115 Bridal Tree. Sure enough I actually did have a meeting with a very special man... now I can only be patient… Thank you for your amazing work."

Josie Connor

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