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Start or enhance your own holistic healing practice

With First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® you have the powerful tools from nature to help you restore and support your own natural wellbeing and empower others. Whether you love helping people from home or working in a clinic, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® collections, kits, sets and packages offer you a cost effective and easy way to stock your flower essence dispensary.

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  1. The Flower Collection - Box One
  2. The Flower Collection - Box Two
  3. The Flower Collection - Box Three
  4. The Fern Collection - Boxed Set
  5. The Tree Collection - Boxed Set
  6. The Seed Collection - Boxed Set
  7. The Plant Collection - Box One
  8. The Plant Collection - Box Two
  9. The Healers Collection Boxed Set
  10. The Flower Collection - Three Box Set
  11. The Plant Collection - Two Box Set
  12. The Shamanic Collection - Box One
  13. The Shamanic Collection - Box Two
  14. The Shamanic Collection - Two Box Set
  15. The Orchid Collection - Boxed Set
  16. The Fern Ally Collection - Boxed Set
  17. The Sacred Mountain Grass Collection - Boxed Set
  18. Sacred Sedge Collection - Boxed Set
  19. Sacred Rush Collection - Boxed Set
  20. Sacred Moss Collection - Boxed Set
  21. Sacred Forest Collection - Boxed Set
  22. Sacred Temple Collection - Boxed Set
  23. Practitioner’s Kit
  24. Advanced Practitioner’s Kit
  25. Blank Bottle with First Light® Flower Essence Blend Label
  26. Empty Amber 25ml Dropper Bottle
Grid List

26 Items

Set Descending Direction