So relevant to life and so insightful

“The Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program has played a significant part in my life in terms of how I understand and feel about myself, about others and the ways we think, feel and express ourselves. For me, following on from the other Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs offered by Franchelle, this has been a particularly life-affirming experience. It is one that I continue to integrate even though I finished the actual program months ago. I was on the road, without a home base, living in a motorhome for the majority of the program, so this was an opportunity for me to be flexible and not hung up on where I was or how I did the required Eighth Ray rituals.

I experienced some really tough times during the program when I just wanted it to be at an end, BUT for all that, I actually loved it at the same time. It was so experiential, so relevant to life and so insightful. I am in awe of it, the timing of the situations relevant to the planets being learned about and the expression of the zodiacal signs from the people on the stage of life, including myself.

Travelling with others in the Medicine Woman online school and connecting online was supportive as well as providing its own kind of home base for me. I continue to do the Eighth Ray rituals that are in Franchelle’s Eighth Ray Magic book as well as the ones she guides us to do to ‘purpose good’ in the world, at the given times via the Eighth Ray Magic blog and newsletter. The rituals feed my soul and spirit. I know they make the difference that I felt I could not make before.”

Marj Marks
New Zealand

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