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An Invitation to come with me on a

Deeply Healing and Soul Transforming Journey

Within each person is their inherent divine self which is their monad or divine spark. It is my life’s work to support those souls who are serious about their personal, professional or spiritual growth and who want to make a positive difference in their own lives as well as in the world.

As a master soul healer, spiritual teacher and matriarch of magic my whole life has been dedicated to supporting those who are seeking to discover their life purpose and to fulfil their destiny in order that they may play their unique part and role in the bigger picture.

Step Through the Sacred Doorway

For over 50 years my teachings have inspired and empowered thousands of clients and students around the world to heal themselves and help others. I invite you to step into the magic and mystery of infinite possibilities and limitless potential to effect positive powerful transformation in your own world, the world and in the greater universe.


Discover the Power Within You

For over 50 years Franchelle's teachings have been inspiring and empowering thousands of clients and students around the world to heal themselves and to help others. Franchelle is the founder and principal of the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® - the global leader and training provider for esoteric and spiritual hypnosis, shamanic healing hypnotherapy and deep soul work.


Study Online With Franchelle

Become an Esoteric Hypnotherapist


Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® is the world’s first specialist esoteric hypnosis training. It is a SOUL based and spirit centred modality. The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® hypnotherapist is a skilled specialist who is trained in the sacred and ancient art of deep soul work that takes the form of soul restoration, soul integration and soul retrieval.

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth


Learn the sacred arts of the Lightworker, Healer, Shaman, Master Shaman, Ritual Magician and Alchemist. Franchelle offers you unprecedented access to the original ancient mystery school teachings, rites of passage and system of initiation that has been kept secret for thousands of years. Enter into a world of limitless possibilities.

Become a Holistic Healing Practitioner


Take a life-changing journey into the nature power of New Zealand and access a vast pool of ancient wisdom teachings that address the complex issues of our current times. Work with vibrational medicine to make a profound positive difference in your own life and in the lives of others, working flexible hours from home or online.

Astrology for the Soul and Spirit

Star Gazer Astrology Reports
by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber


What Students and Clients Are Saying

Consciousness expansion in a way that has been missing until now

“As a modality, the structure of this work allows for the soul to address directly and reclaim itself towards wholeness. All in a very comprehensive, safe and exciting way that surpasses anything I have been exposed to, to date."

Tania Vinson
Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist
Tauranga, New Zealand

Pin Point Accuracy

“I am forever grateful for the depth of understanding Franchelle gave me about myself at a personal and soul level during my session with her. She has helped me gain valuable insight into my unique gifts, how to work with them and stand in my own power. I highly recommend seeing Franchelle to anyone who is looking to gain further insight into any aspect of their personal or spiritual life.

Thank you so much Franchelle for your pin point accuracy and compassionate delivery of all messages, I look forward to working with you again.”

Caitlin du Preez
Founder of Sunday Soul Sessions, Auckland, New Zealand

Highly Revealing - Informative

"Franchelle highlighted and shed light on two major areas of my life's journey that gave me keys to doors that had previously remained closed to me. Her clarity, compassionate understanding and wisdom made my time with her a precious gift of nurturing to my personal journey and quest.

Robert James Haywood
Music Medicine Man, Author, Animal Wisdom Sensitive, International Workshop Facilitator

I am now able to have a soul based and focused business that is life changing (for all parties), profitable and sustainable

"Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® has depth and profound power. It is a fully integrated approach. The integrity of the work and the content is of the highest calibre.

As a result of this training I am now able to have a soul based and focused business that is life changing (for all parties), profitable and sustainable.”

Debbie Gillespie
Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist
Spiritual Alchemist
Auckland, New Zealand

So Magical and Fun I Didn't Want it to End!

“My spiritual reading with Franchelle was so magical and fun that I didn’t want it to end! The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe is truly divine, and Franchelle's innate wisdom is infused with a wonderful sense of joy — I came away feeling inspired and empowered with valuable insights for the year ahead.”

Suzanne Day
New Zealand

Over a Decade of Learning With Franchelle

“I am so grateful to this medicine woman for so generously sharing her very hard earned wisdom with humanity. I don't know who or where I would be had I not had her counsel in my most difficult life decisions. And now, as they say... 'I'm not afraid, I was born to do this."

Kylie Slavik
Story Alchemy, USA

This modality is what I have sought for most of my working life

“I was motivated to enrol in Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® training as I felt that this was my next step into continuing to learn and evolve spiritually. This modality is very different from other training that I have done as it teaches and prepares us to head out into the world with all the skills that we require to work as a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® hypnotherapist. It gave me real life experience of working both as client and as a therapist. It was from these sessions that I learned valuable lessons that will help me to be a better practitioner of this modality."

Erihapeti Elizabeth McPherson
Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Hypnotherapist
Healer and Multi Media Creatrix, Aorere, Aotearoa New Zealand

Profound Effect On Me

The session I had with you has had a profound effect on me - I feel plugged in, connected and with a direction. Thank you very much!"

Sebastian Mierau
Director Clearlight Saunas, NZ

Deep Spiritual Learning

A profound learning and each time the information gets deeper and I see more clearly. You have given me the space to know my journey forward in line with my soul's destiny. My deepest gratitude to you Franchelle.

Gillian Williamson
Inner Essence, NZ

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