Year Ahead Transit Astrology Report

The Gift of Foresight


This insightful full colour astrological report equips you with the knowledge of the influences that affect your daily life.

Over the 40 pages, written in a clear and easy to understand style, you will gain better perspective and insight into your daily life. With the knowledge of the movement of the stars in the sky through the year, you can be better prepared to plan major life events when the energy is supportive and avoid getting frustrated when the energy is non-conducive.

FREE GIFT: Your report includes a free copy of the Little Book of Esoteric Astrology – The ABC of Astrology for the Soul Quick Guide 50-page PDF

Note: Your report is personally created for you, please allow up to 3 working days to receive it.

A Tool to Gain Insight into the Timing of Life Events

In addition to providing insight into your personality, astrology can also be used to gain insight into the timing of events in your life. Astrologers look at the positions of the planets in an individual’s chart in relation to the current positions of the planets in the sky to determine whether a person is going through a period of growth, change, or challenge. This information can be extremely helpful in understanding the cycles at work in your life and how to work with them to maximise opportunities when it comes to the timing of important events.

Your Live Magickally© Year Ahead Transit Astrology Report provides you with the necessary insights into upcoming cycles and future trends. It reveals the key times in your life for the 12 months from date of ordering or for any 12 month period. With this report you can ‘look’ into the future and make every moment count. Use this report to gain advance insight into what is coming up for you so you can anticipate and take advantage of opportunities for a successful life, and more effectively plan for future events and situations.

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber