Personal Natal Astrology Report PDF

The Gift of Self Knowledge


Gain valuable insights into your unique gifts, character traits, deep longings and life trends as well as the inner weakness you need to overcome and hidden pitfalls to look out for so you can reach your full potential in this lifetime.

I will personally create your Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Report for you based on your time and place of birth, so that you can delve into the mystery of your own being and discover what is written in the stars for you.

I know that this report will be your great ally and valuable personal resource that will serve you for a lifetime and will empower you to live a much richer, more dynamic and more fulfilling soul-centred magickal life.

INCLUDES FREE GIFT: Order this report and receive my Live Magickally©  The Little Book of Esoteric Astrology – The ABC of Astrology for the Soul Quick Guide 50-page PDF as a FREE GIFT from me to you.

50+ page full colour PDF report.

This is a must-have report if you seek to know more about yourself. It is also a powerful and valuable gift for others.

Note: Your report is personally created for you, please allow up to 3 working days to receive it.

A Tool for Self-Awareness

By exploring the positions of the planets in your chart, you can gain a better understanding of your own emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This self-awareness can be empowering and can help you to recognise patterns in your behaviour and make positive changes in your life.

In your Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Report you will delve deeper into your unique potential and nine key areas of your life, including: life goals, home, what motivates and drives you, the challenges you need to overcome, your purpose, what brings you joy and much more.


“Thank you very much for my Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Reports for myself and my daughter – they make fascinating reading and the information will be put to good use!” – Vicky Kyan

“My Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Report opened me up to a better view of how I can incorporate certain abilities to better myself. Love and Light.” – Oleg

“My Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Repor is in-depth and very Insightful! It helps me to look more deeply into myself and what needs to addressed in this lifetime.” – Elizabeth Nicolson, London, United Kingdom

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