A more fearless approach to my life

“I have done much inner work over the past few years and felt that I was at the cusp of a breakthrough. In order for this to happen, I felt I needed a guiding hand and assistance in making that final push before the new in me would be born. I felt a strong intuitive pull with the accompanying goose bumps when I saw the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program so I enrolled. I knew that once I make the commitment, I would do my utmost to bring it to completion.

Initially for me, there was a concern about the financial aspect. But I knew that it was a fair energy exchange as well as an investment in myself and planetary consciousness. I did not want a belief about lack preventing me from doing this program.

After completing this program I now have a more integrated, cohesive, serene, and more fearless approach to my life. It is as if things fall in place very effortlessly now.

I feel strong physically, intellectually and spiritually. I continue to have insights and truths revealed to me daily. There is a strengthening, a quickening, and more vital force in me. I trust and believe in myself.”

Anchen Fourie
Christchurch, New Zealand

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