A time of coming home

“The journey with the shamanic teacher plants can be described as a time of coming home to a place I have always known within, a place of truth, harmony and balance. I have gently and assuredly been taught through facing my shadow, dying to the old self and being ‘reborn’ many times.

The journey through Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© enabled me to find the true path forward, standing in relationship with the sacred, with spirit.

I feel now as a re-awakened shaman knowing how to transcend the duality of mind. More and more I see now my mission being reinforced and it is belonging to the community of healer-shamans that are learning to work effectively through the sacred laws of nature to assist in humanity’s evolution. I have deep heartfelt gratitude, to Franchelle Ofsosoké-Wyber, my esteemed teacher, for making possible the wonderful adventure of these past two years.”

Gillian Crundwell
Ecologist and Herbalist, Australia

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber