Greater understanding of my soul’s journey

“I really enjoyed the first Light® Plants – Life Enhancement course and understanding the journey of the soul and the 22 Archetypal soul lessons. I enjoyed knowing that each day presents us with opportunities to move into our soul power by responding proactively to challenges and opportunities, enabling us to become the magician in our own lives.

Knowing and working with my life path essence and also the current and following year’s gives me a greater understanding of my soul’s journey in this lifetime and will give me a continuum to keep my soul moving through the lessons to be mastered. I enjoyed the self assessment exercise working with the 22 archetypal life experiences to establish a focus for those areas that I am most needing to work on, knowing that I have the support of the relevant First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® plant essences to help transmute these.”

Suzanne Showers-Gay
Retired, Victoria, Australia

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