Hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle were the most liberating experiences in my entire life

“I have had hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. My gratitude and reverence know no bounds. These were the most liberating experiences in my entire life and have significantly empowered me.

One of the sessions was about me being a ‘Good Girl’, always polite with a motto of ‘Do No Harm’. This was limiting my evolution! Franchelle explained that she would ask me some questions and only use my words and asked me what was the opposite of ‘Good Girl’. It is ‘Wild Woman’ which I claimed immediately.

I discovered that I chose to be polite as a young girl in a convent. I was cowering, cold and frightened. There was no sound, no music and I would be wrapped over the knuckles if I spoke. Franchelle took me back to that time, I explained that I was her older self and gave her the gifts of love and creativity which she had lost. I embraced my young self and she wanted to come with me.

The outcome is my creative wild self.

Another session was about feeling intimidated in the past by men in ‘suits’. As a woman amongst many men, I felt small, discombobulated and inadequate as they talked over me in important meetings. I re-experienced those emotions and saw how my soul had lost its joy. This detrimental story had dictated my behaviour for lifetimes. I let go of all those emotions and untruths.

My soul has claimed pure joy now and forever.

I went to an 80th birthday lunch afterwards. I was noble and powerful, filled with love and compassionate wisdom. I am bursting with joy and want the world to know how fortunate we are to have Franchelle’s omnipotent wisdom, teachings, guidance and expertise.”

Chris Griffiths
Registered Nurse, Auckland, New Zealand

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