I am now able to feel happier as I experience joy in place of sadness

“I have carried a backdrop of sadness for much of my life that has coloured the way I experience my everyday world and that these ongoing feeling of sadness have meant that I have also experienced a lack of joy.

These feelings of sadness I have taken to be my way of living have felt larger than the circumstance of my life could explain. I now feel that this deep sadness that has become my way of being, belongs to my mother and the women who went before her. However knowing this has not made this sadness go away.

The way in which Franchelle approached the hypnotherapy session made me able to trust in the process as she took me into a deeply relaxed place where I became open to her carefully worded and positive suggestions.

In just one session, Franchelle shifted my relationship to the overriding sadness within me and gave me a sense of permission to be able to experience joy. To experience joy without limits seemed to be a very strange and unbelievable concept to me at first suggestion. As a result of this one session I experienced having been released from my old pattern of pervasive feelings of sadness. I am now able to feel joy as a life habit. I notice when joy bubbles up from within me and I feel warmth in my heart. This has had a profound effect on my creativity.”

International Singer, Musician

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber