I finally have hopes for a career path set ahead working with these flower essences

“The First Light® Ferns – Life Trauma course found me when I was doing online research. It all happened at the right time. I was at a low peak in my life after losing my dad so I decided that studying something we both liked would help ease my emotional pain…I didn’t expect to have grown within myself so soon. I enjoyed learning about the overall wholeness of this holistic healing system. As I progressed through the course I realised that my emotional pains were all addressed within the course. I feel relief that not only am I helping to support my own needs, I am also preparing for a new adventure in life with possibilities. I hope to help others that are on a journey like mine as this has supported my own personal holistic wellness. At first, I found the First Light® Online School overwhelming but that was on me and now visiting the online school is a daily routine that I look forward to. It’s my meditating time. Everything is just right! Overall, my holistic wellbeing in ALL areas is slowly coming together as I progress through the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® courses. I finally have hopes for a career path set ahead working with these flower essences. I am thankfully blessed for this amazing opportunity. After completing this course I am excited about showing others my new inner light. I appreciate this learning space and I am grateful that I am a part of this experience. I also appreciated the certificates I received at the end of each course. I loved and felt that I was getting somewhere at this stage of my life. “

Amy Savage
Whakatane, New Zealand

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