I now know how to access wisdom about all things that I need to know

“The Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program has validated all that I thought “I am”. There were many times in my life when I did not highly value my opinion, truth, trust, faith, hope, belief. Looking back I would have reacted differently in some instances; looking forward I stand for all; sending blessings of love and peace for all on earth; that they may grow and evolve in their own glorious uniqueness.

Before the program I was not trusting myself. I therefore invited others’ perceptions of my worth to be measured according to their beliefs and standards. How do you know what you don’t know? This program gave me unique pathways and tools to overcome all that was before me; with right relationships that allowed me to live a life of connection, abundance; self worth and holistic wellbeing.

I have always wanted to be of service for the betterment of mankind; but had no clue how that was going to happen! After completing the Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies©; I was curious; as I remembered my mother’s words: “My grandfather took me outside one night and pointed to the stars and said; “they will tell you everything you need to know”.

I knew absolutely nothing about the planets, stars, universes or cosmos; I knew no one who knew anything about them. With the words: “this is a spiritually regenerative program that is a fully experiential magical pathway”; I enrolled to honour all that my mother was unable to achieve. I did not worry about the commitment of cost, time or barriers of lack of knowledge of planets, stars, plants etc. I knew that this was a once in a life time opportunity for me to seek the truth of my Great Grandfather’s words. After the program: My Great Grandfather was right. I still don’t know all there is to know about the planets, stars and plants; but I know how to access wisdom about all things that I need to know; as and when I need to know it.

The program and the online school were tools for my personal unique growth and evolution. “It is whatever you want it to be” are the words I received in dreamtime.

My favourite thing about the Medicine Woman online school was the opportunity to co-create with a community who are like minded; to learn and experience the basis and means to effect powerful changes in my life and to literally ‘change the fabric of the universe’ to ‘purpose good’ was a divine invitation to explore the great “what if”.

Thank you Medicine Woman team for all that you divinely are. Arohanui”

Peggy Rangi
Retired, Kaio, New Zealand

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