This book is pure magic and a profound instruction manual

“When I first read the Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation book I was riveted. Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is a master wordsmith and with each word she writes she bestows to the reader revelation. This book takes me to a whole new level of awareness and transformation. This book is what I call a Living Book and combined with working with the Eighth Ray rituals described in the book it opens up my consciousness with revelation, magic, understanding, initiation. Slowly and gradually I am discovering the mysteries of magic, the goddess, the music of the spheres and the power of the divine feminine.

I have been given the tools to co-create in the ancient way of the feminine in my world, the world and the greater universe. This book is pure magic and a profound instruction manual of restoring the divine feminine and masculine within, working with the stars and transforming oneself into something so much greater than could ever be imagined. It is the bible of the goddess and co-creation. Thank you with all my heart Franchelle.”

Kim Ahrens
Nature’s Design For Life, Auckland, New Zealand

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber