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My name is Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. I am the founder of the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® and creator of Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis®, Golden Grid Technique® and HypnoSuccessç Soul Coach. Through the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® I provide the world’s first esoteric hypnosis training programs. My area of speciality is the metaphysical, spiritual, shamanic, esoteric and occult aspects of hypnosis and I am the leading authority on esoteric hypnosis and Hermetic Occult Psychology®.

I am a spiritual teacher, author, multi-award winning vibrational medicine specialist, a fully trained and qualified professional clinical hypnotherapist, healer, medicine woman, high priestess, ritual shamaness and author of two seminal books on sacred plant medicine and eighth ray ritual and magic.

My life has been and continues to be an absolutely extraordinary one. It is a life that has been totally dedicated to spirit for as long as I remember. A journey of light revealing the limitlessness of the human spirit.

Born in New Zealand, with highly developed clairvoyant and supersensory abilities and psychic gifts, I am of Russian and Native American descent. The old ways of knowing and connecting with the unseen realm were in my blood long before I was born. I have always been consciously aware of my ability to communicate directly with the spiritual and metaphysical realms.

For as long as I can remember I have experienced a multidimensional reality and been able to see and feel energies around people and places. I have always understood that everything is simply vibration. I have been able to hear what people are thinking and know what they are feeling. I have been able to tune into their essence, their spirit and see things about them that their spirit wished to reveal to me.

The world beyond the three-dimensional reality was the world familiar to me from a very young age. As a child I could see a person’s aura or energy field and the state of their consciousness. I would look at a person and clearly see the underlying dis-harmonious attitudes, emotions and mental states that cause this person’s problems or illness.

I could see houses, or places that had been affected by the negative energy of people's emotions, thoughts and actions and how black smoky energy would stay in a room long after an argument or disagreement had taken place in a room, or place. The interplay of light and energy streams between animate or inanimate objects would reveal to me peoples' true intentions and reveal to me what was really going on in different situations with different people.

At the age of 16 I was creating my own flower remedies for my clients and in the tradition of my lineage had formally dedicated myself to a path of spiritual service.


How My Journey Began

On my father’s side, I come from a long line of medicine men and women with highly developed psychic abilities. On my mother’s side, I carry a lineage of Russian healers and shamans.

My mother was a gypsy and from a very early age I travelled all over New Zealand connecting with nature and learning about the healing properties of plants.

When I was 7 years old, I was given the medicine name ‘Buffalo Woman Returns’. At that time I started to develop a very close magical relationship with nature and I became conscious of my ability to communicate and interact with the plant kingdom and nature spirits.


The Healing Alchemy of Nature

I discovered I could see and recognise in nature the plants that held the vibrational blueprint that could be used to transform negative energetic states in human beings. As I grew older I started to work with these plants and saw people releasing their old emotional and mental patterns (self-generated or inherited). I learned that with the use of the energetic blueprints of correctly selected plants a person could clear their energetic field from past traumas and unhealthy patterns and so return to a natural state of wellbeing.

Later in life, it was with this understanding and the skill that developed from that understanding that the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range was created.

At 16 I was making my own flower remedies or flower essences from New Zealand plants. At this time I was given my first deck of Tarot cards and soon after I consciously dedicated my life to a life of spiritual service. I saw my future and I knew that I was to use my supersensory and healing gifts in service to humanity.

From the age of 16 I started working with people using my flower remedies or flower essences, clairvoyance and Tarot readings. I offered spiritual counselling to those people who were seeking to integrate spiritual principles into their daily life and wanting to understand and work with the deeper aspects of themselves.


Oracle Readings

In 1970 I spent three years studying Tarot with Gypsy John Petulengro in Sydney, Australia. His mentoring into an authentic tradition of fortune tellers was to be the groundwork for the many years that have followed giving readings to clients. I would often use the Tarot cards together with my crystal ball and I discovered down my family line that I had a great grandmother named Emmeline who was also an accomplished fortune teller. She would give crystal ball and astrological readings to people in New Zealand in the early 1900's. In those times it was illegal for a woman to tell fortunes and so she wore a black veil when giving readings so that she would not be easily identified. Her fortune telling table that she brought out from England is together with my crystal ball in my appointment room.

In New Zealand as a child my father used to take me to Titirangi in West Auckland where I had a remarkable experience involving the fairy folk. Titirangi, which means; fringe of heaven is located in the Waitakere Ranges and is one of the original homes of these ancient fairy people. It was here in the native bush that the beautiful New Zealand native orchids that are guardians to the fairy folk first showed themselves to me and it was here where I first saw and heard the ancient flutes, songs and prayers of the fairy people. At the sacred waterfall at Fairy Falls I rediscovered my gift for scrying and saw reflected in the sacred waters of the falls the oracular symbols hidden within it that I still use in my readings today.

My Great Grandmother's Zodiacal Fortune Telling Table

My crystal ball placed on the centre of the fortune telling table which once belonged to my great grandmother Emmeline. She brought it to New Zealand by boat from England in the early 1900's and used to give readings to people in Auckland. It has the house numbers of the astrological wheel engraved around the edge of the table and the numbers of the months of the year etched into the brass stand that holds the crystal ball.

Esoteric Astrology

In 1970 I also began studying astrology and it was during this time I met and trained with an esoteric astrologer in Sydney who showed me the technique of linking into a person's chart clairvoyantly to access much more information about a person that was normally possible. A person’s soul story, their past lives, the lessons they were here to learn and the path of destiny that Spirit had laid out for them all became revealed in their chart. In 1978 I graduated from the Mayo School of Astrology (UK), and in 1979 I received a Diploma in Cosmobiology (Australia).

From 2000 I was the astrologer for the New Zealand Woman's Weekly writing a popular weekly astrological column for five years. During this time I also wrote a number of astrological articles that featured in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly and created astrological reports for the people that came to see me for chart readings and consultations.


Esoteric Hypnosis

In the early 1990’s I was called by spirit to the wonderful world of hypnosis. When I first began my formal study of hypnosis in 1999 I already had over 25 years of immersion, study and experience in the metaphysical and occult fields that included the hermetic sciences, penetrating very deeply into the mysteries of the magical inner worlds of the mind and human consciousness.

I knew right from the start that for me hypnosis and hypnotherapy was much more than what was being formally presented in the world of mainstream hypnotherapy and that this type of hypnotherapy and working was not my niche.

I wanted to dive deeply, madly and intensely into what was to me the inner, real and limitless esoteric and magical world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I wanted to become a master practitioner of true esoteric hypnosis, be an expert in the metaphysical, magical shamanic or occult aspect of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. So I followed my passion and after an epic journey into the inner worlds, I have founded the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® and brought you the world’s first esoteric hypnosis training programs which make available totally new and ground-breaking ways of working with the ancient and supremely powerful tool of esoteric hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® taught in the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® is the recontextualisation of the integrated holistic healing modality used by the ancient Egyptians in their sleep temples so working in this manner will enable you to take your healing work with clients to an entirely new level and help more people in a deep and more profound way.


The Ancient Universal Mystery School of the Uppermost Heavens

In the lineage of my own tradition I am a keeper of the ancient secrets. I have direct access to universal wisdom and to the hidden world of the High Priests and Priestesses, to the ancient incantations, prayers and to the old highly secret ways of working for a healing and magical outcome. My work with sacred plant medicine and plant magic comes from my first hand knowledge, experience and expertise and was ordained and overseen by the Ancient Ones and the gods and goddesses.


Ancient Earth Wisdom

I am the custodian of the lineage teachings of the House of the Bee which is the oldest mystery school on the planet.

I carry the spirit connections and healing mantle for many ancient shamanic lineages. I have been traditionally trained by some of the last custodians of advanced shamanic healing and the sophisticated magical practices of the ancient people.

As a custodian of the secret shamanic, healing and magical teachings and techniques for my lineage I have a unique ability to directly access the collective pool of ancient earth wisdom and access universal mind at the 12th plane level of indigenous memory. Working at this level means there are no cultural and gender restrictions or limitations on the spiritual or magical information able to be accessed.

Recording for the Medicine Woman Television Series

Dr. Danielle Behn and her camera crew came to New Zealand in 2007 to interview me as part of a 13 part television series called 'Medicine Woman' directed by Shirley Cheechoo for VisionTV, Canada. Dr Behn's quest was to find shamans, yogis, folk healers, mystics and traditional medicine men and women from all over the world, learn from them and preserve their knowledge for generations to come. I shared some of my life journey with her including my knowledge of vibrational medicine and the creation of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. You can view this documentary on my media page under TV Shows.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

In 1999 I founded First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that has subsequently become a centre for research and studies in the field of flower essences and vibrational medicine.

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range was created as a holistic system that supports natural wellbeing. The range was created based on my innate ability to connect with the vibrational healing properties of plants.

Each of the 185 flower essences holds a specific vibration that helps to bring the whole person into a perfected state of being and also helps restore the earth we live on.

In 2009 my first book; First Light Flower Essences - The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume One was published. In 2019 the Completely Revised and Expanded Second Edition of The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume 1 was published revealing the world’s first totally integrated and comprehensive natural non-intrusive holistic therapy system that works with the power of nature and the quantum world of vibrational medicine. This book explains how to restore and maintain holistic wellbeing using the award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range of flower essences.

New Zealand Health Industry Awards 2008

In 2008 I was awarded the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Services Award in recognition of creating the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range and for 'pioneering, developing and establishing New Zealand native flower and plant essences to facilitate holistic healing'.

First Light Natural Health®

In 2012 I launched the First Light Natural Health® range of products - a range of 100% natural emotional remedies for everyday holistic support and wellbeing.

The First Light Natural Health® emotional remedies are made using specially selected flower essences from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range and are available in convenient 20ml oral sprays or 20ml oral droppers. They provide a fast and effective way of creating positive changes in life by helping you to transform negative emotions and restore inner balance and harmony.


Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

In 2002 I founded the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® – The Mystery School of the Goddess, which is the sole custodian of the lineage teachings of the House of the Bee. It provides the highest level transformational training programs for 21st century healers and spiritual seekers around the world. The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® has at its basis the highly specialised occult knowledge and experience I have acquired in my journey through life. In this journey I have been formally trained in every esoteric aspect of the Hermetic sciences, which include astrology, ritual, magic and alchemy.

In the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® online programs the three ancient Hermetic sciences of alchemy, astrology and magic have been reintegrated into the cohesive occult science they originally were, and for the first time made universally available to all those who wish to walk the ancient high road to oneness, self mastery and enlightenment.


13 Years of Medicine Woman Annual Workshops

Since the first gathering in 2006 there have been a total of 13 Medicine Woman annual residential workshops that I have held at the Tauhara Retreat Centre in Taupo, New Zealand. These events attracted a large number of people from all over the world. The Tauhara Retreat Centre was at full capacity catering to over 125 guests that attended the 13th Medicine Woman Gathering Workshop and Retreat in 2019. Those that heard and responded to their soul's call to attend these workshops described them as spiritually healing, powerful, transformational and completely life changing.

First Light Porta Alchémica®

In 2016 I launched First Light Porta Alchémica® enabling people to transform, co-create and become the magician of their own life. Through a unique, alchemical range of elixirs and anointing oils anyone anywhere in the world can now work with the extraordinary powers of ritual, plants, planets and the stars to transform, transmute and magically empower their life.

First Light Porta Alchémica®, which is an alchemical doorway, recontextualises the ancient art of alchemy to enable people to work alchemically in the 21st century. It is a 21st century expression of the ancient Hermetic alchemical tradition and teachings that dates back to the earliest days of the ancient Egyptian civilization. These teachings enable a person to unlock their inner alchemist and co-create a dynamic new life story.


Eighth Ray Ritual Magic®

In 2017 I created Eighth Ray Ritual Magic® - a complete revolutionary system of ritual magic for the 21st century that enables you to work with the powers of the cosmos and to change the fabric of the universe. Through working as an Eighth Ray Ritual Magician® you can transform yourself, your life and effect changes in the world around you by changing the fabric of the universe.

The necessary teachings and training for becoming an Eighth Ray Ritual Magician® are taught exclusively through The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® online school to people across the globe. In 2018 I published my second book Eighth Ray Magic - The Magic of the Goddess - The Magic of Co-Creation, unveiling never before publicly shared secrets and magical rituals for antidoting the twelve 'poisons of spirit' and co-creating with the Goddess to live a magically empowered life.


Founder of the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy®

My overall comprehensive training includes specialised areas of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, including extensive study and protracted research into the power of both vibration used magically and vibrational medicine. This is the study and application of what the new physics calls ‘waveforms’ and in this case waveforms that are the ‘energetic’ or vibrational signatures of plants to dynamically enhance the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

From my ongoing journey in the field of hypnosis, healing and allied metaphysical and esoteric fields along with over 50 years of research and development I have created an advanced hypnotherapy technique that is at the forefront of esoteric hypnotherapy in the world today. This is Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® - a groundbreaking healing modality that I have been divinely instructed to reveal to bring the power of the soul and spirit back into hypnotherapy. Putting the soul and spirit back into hypnotherapy is quite literally a quantum leap in the field of personal healing.

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® is based on a profound understanding of the nature and functioning of human consciousness, the multidimensional holistic human make-up and the relationship of the human to the greater universe. Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® gives you a revolutionary healing tool to change both your own and other people’s lives.

The Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® that I have founded is the global leader and training provider for esoteric and spiritual hypnosis, shamanic healing hypnotherapy and deep soul work. The training programs I teach in the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® equip you with cutting edge hypnosis skills, techniques and knowledge that is not available anywhere else. These skills can set you apart in the healing and hypnotherapy industry enabling you to facilitate extraordinary results for your clients that could not be achieved by any other means.


The Journey Continues

Over the years I have appeared in a number of international television programs and documentaries as an expert on sacred plant medicine, shamanism, spirituality and natural healing.

In 2008 I was awarded the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Services Award for “pioneering, developing and establishing New Zealand native flower and plant essences to facilitate holistic healing”.

In 2017 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® was the winner of the New Zealand Business Awards 2017 for Excellence in Holistic Natural Health Products.

My book The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa was published in 2009, and I am currently working on The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume Two.

I am often invited to speak at national and international conferences and festivals.

I am fully aware of the tremendous responsibility and honour of my role of creating a set of unique and powerful tools that can assist humanity to develop higher consciousness during the Aquarian Age.