Completing this course feels like ‘coming home’

“The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® have brought holistic healing and clarity to me. They have helped me to grow, expand, flourish and understand my healing journey so much that I feel the need and desire to share this wisdom with as many others as I can.

I had hesitations about doing a course online, as using a computer is not a tool I have had much use for. This online course version has been incredibly kind to me, not at all complicated for such a novice. Enrolling in this online course transformed my ‘fear’ into an incredibly exciting and full learning experience, which flowed on and into other important areas, i.e: staring an ‘Intuitive Healing’ business.

There are many, many levels of learning that I have encountered during the First Light® Healers – Healers Collection course. So much valuable holistic healing information and ancient wisdom to soak in. There is a sense of ‘coming home’ and fluidly stepping forward with new insights, insights that have been patiently sitting behind closed doors.

Understanding the holistic healing capacities of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® has been ‘mind-blowing’. I have begun an ‘Intuitive healing’ space for clients during this course, confident that the knowledge and growth I have gained will continue to grow me and those that come to me. I am really excited to create my own healing space for others, something I had always dreamed of.

The knowledge I gained from the First Light® Healers – Healers Collection course partnered with the First Light® healers essences are great taonga, treasure to share and bring incredible transformation to my clients. What I have learnt, and am learning, with this new knowledge is incredibly timely to each client, harmonious holistic healing on many levels and in such different forms!

I love being able to offer clients the wonderful First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. They have worked so well for me and observing the holistic healing that comes to my clients as well brings absolute divine joy.

I have truly loved the First Light® online school, the support has been incredibly heart-warming and helpful. Reading in the Common Room has encouraged and inspired me to keep filling my kete, basket with this goodness. The teaching is so spiritually enlightening and equally professional, I’ve not experienced such a harmonious communion in many years of learning. Thank you.

Completing this course feels like ‘coming home’, fear has become a passing wave in the ocean, it is a huge hurdle that I have overcome.

I look forward to more First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® courses and continuing on my Divine holistic healing journey.

Thank you, with much love.”

Karen Ju
Intuitive Healer, Caregiver

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