Gratitude for the gift of these flower essences

“I enjoyed the First Light® Flowers of Transformation course and learning about the 36 positive and negative aspects of the different personality types and applying this awareness to family and friends. Understanding that when we work consciously with the personality using the 36 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® flower essences No’s 1-36 we can transform the negative aspects of the personality to integrate our inner and outer natures, into the life of the soul. I also enjoyed learning about the primal urges for expression of each zodiacal sign and how the energy flows in a natural cycle when moving in an unimpeded fashion which is life enhancing, while the effect of a primal wound to a primal urge conversely can set up the pain-stress-depression cycle, with ongoing negative expression at the personality level. I have gained an understanding on how deeply the experience of a primal wound can distort the true expression of our personality and how to identify which area of life is affected. Applying this to myself and close family members has given me a far greater understanding of the far reaching implications of primal wounding when not addressed, and gratitude for the gift of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® to deal with these wounds.”

Suzanne Showers-Gay
Retired, Victoria, Australia

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