Eye-opening and invaluable

“I have always been interested in exploring different kinds of therapies and modalities of holistic healing, particularly those that encapsulate a gentle and non-invasive approach. What really drew me to First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® in particular is that you are working in relationship with nature, and with native plants from New Zealand, which I think is very special and unique. The timeless knowledge of sacred plant medicine and vibrational healing that I have explored and been engaged with throughout the First Light® Flowers of Transformation course has been truly inspiring, as well as invaluable to my own holistic healing. I feel that my connection with nature and Spirit has been reignited, as well as my passion for wanting to pass on this gift to others. I especially look forward to sharing what I have learnt with my community, and of course with anyone else who is open to the holistic healing powers of this sacred plant medicine.

I feel that the knowledge that I have gained from this course is going to help me to hold space for my clients in a more professional and objective manner. I will no longer be operating solely in the realm of my own personality, but I will be able to be with my clients in the realm of soul too. This course has been eye-opening. It has brought up a lot of self-reflection and inner resolution for me – acknowledging some past pains and wounding have been a part of that process. I especially enjoyed working with my clients and applying the knowledge that I have been learning to help others with their holistic healing. Personally, working with other people is where the medicine holistic healing and knowledge truly came alive for me. I am excited to continue furthering my studies with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. I am currently studying towards the Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, and after that I hope to go on to complete the Diploma in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy. My dream is to start my own business offering natural therapies to support others with their holistic wellbeing. Working with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® is a modality that I would love to offer my clients. The First Light® Online School is an extremely supportive community and organised space for learning. The course is structured well and the content is clear and easy to follow. The exercises throughout the course are relevant to the material and applicable to the real world, whether that be in a personal or professional context. I am extremely satisfied with what I have learnt and with the overall learning experience. Thank you! The enormous amount of dedication and passion that has gone into creating this course, and the beautiful essences and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® community is truly a testament to everything that this sacred plant medicine and wisdom embodies.”

Annabelle Pearson
Artist, Argentina

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