Greater understanding and insight

“This is the fourth time I have undertaken the First Light® Plants – Life Enhancement course and feel I have gained greater insight and understanding with each subsequent visit.

I feel wiser from all my training I have done with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. I seem to now have a far greater understanding of the deeper significance of the clients ‘story’, I can more easily identify the most suitable essences for them. Using this understanding also helps in day to day situations when talking and observing people and it helps me to evaluate the words I use to communicate.

The most growth from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® courses has come for me spiritually which then impacts on my health and wellbeing as I see the relationship of all things. Revisiting any of these courses always brings greater understanding and insight and leaves me with a smile on my face and reignited passion for the scope of these essences.

The biggest challenge was finding the time. Then I finally decided to allocate time to be able to complete it properly and I also recognised the times when my energy and concentration was at its best so I focussed my efforts during those periods.

I greatly valued being able to re-view the material to gain deeper and clearer understanding. The value of repeating the courses cannot be underestimated. Thank you”

Mary Lowe
Vibrational Therapist, England

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