I now have more energy, confidence and I became more creative with my gifts

“Doing the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program helped me recognise myself as a healer and to stop seeing myself as separate from healers or healing. I saw myself that way even though I was a qualified health professional at the time.

It helped me develop confidence in my abilities, and I was able to begin creating a meaningful financial base and to start building my foundations based on my skills.

I now have more energy, confidence and I became more creative with my gifts, and my own unique way of utilising my healing modalities.

I developed deeper more meaningful relationships with others and the quality of my existing relationships was enhanced. I was able to give more of myself to relationships because it was safer for me to give more.

This program took me through a process of great professional development and success in my chosen field as a natural health practitioner.

Doing this program soothed my soul at the deepest level; it brought peace and light into places that had not been able to be expressed or felt. My ability to have a vision for myself and manifest that vision became possible.

The one main thing I have realised about the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program is that it is still happening – I’m still on the path of the healer, learning, growing and evolving as a result of undertaking the rites of passage of the healer.

I know this momentum and growth is entirely due to the teacher plants and the magical process that occurs as a result of following the structure of this program – it creates within us a new world of possibility – infinite and growing alongside us at all times. I’m so grateful for this.”

Lynda Earl
Holistic Practitioner, New Zealand

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