I was able to go straight to the core of the blockages

“Franchelle has so many gifts and knowledge that she shares with passion, focus and integrity. For the last 35 years my conscious focus has been on exploration of my self, soul, spirit and other dimensions. During a lot of this time I worked with clients as a counsellor and energetic/vibrational healer.

I met Franchelle about three years ago when she did a personal astrological chart for me. I knew then that she was someone dedicated to making a difference for people on all levels. A very special person. With incredible gifts and knowledge.

Recently I had hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle which were very potent and extremely uplifting. With her amazing ability and process, I was able to go straight to the core of the blockages I wanted to work with. They had been embedded so deeply in my subconscious I had not been unable to access them. But there those blockages were on both occasions, jumping up and down, ‘yoo hoo here I am!’ I was so clearly able to see the situation and observe it objectively. Franchelle’s energy, focus and expert guidance weaved me through the processes that transformed the energy, allowing it to flow unimpeded. It was a beautiful and powerful experience.

Franchelle’s gifts and knowledge are not solely for her. But gifts for everyone she shares them with. I am always in awe of the power of spirit, unconditional love and people who genuinely want to make a difference for others, the world and the greater universe. Franchelle is definitely one of those very special people.”

Sandra Carson
Counsellor, New Zealand

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber