I am really grateful, I enter each day with more confidence and trust

“I contacted Franchelle after some initial hesitation, but when I experienced yet another cycle of feeling VERY emotional and VERY stuck, I made the call.

My hypnotherapy sessions were via Zoom and I looked forward to each one, really keen and hungry for change, my soul longing to hear and take on board words and new ways of being, that would pull me out of a well known pit. A big part of my focus was to have confidence in my ability as an animal communicator. This lack of confidence has held me back for years and I knew that until it was addressed, not a lot was going to happen. Now I know I can make good progress in this important area of my life.

I daily put into practice what I have learned and enter each day and the future with more confidence and trust. I am also aware of being much more present in my physical body which translates into being more confident in managing life situations such as being there for my mum before she passed away and also speaking at her funeral. It’s as if bits of me are not lost in the wilderness now, so I don’t live in the future so much and in my head. The hypnotherapy has really kind of pulled me together and inspired me to follow my dream and use my gifts.

I am very grateful to have been able to go through this process. Thank you Franchelle”.

Marj Marks
Animal Communicator, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner

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