Life Is a Magickal Adventure ~ Celestial Oracle #428 – August 2023

Celestial Oracle

Live Magickally in Alignment with the Cosmic Tides of Power

What's on the Cards This Month?

Inner Healing

The planet Chiron holds the keys to inner healing and holistic integrity. Chiron also acts as the bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Chiron is associated with the etheric heart chakra and our soul, it acts as a bridge between our human self with its physical, emotional and mental bodies and our divine self, which is our true self that has magical power.

In the alchemical tradition, the planet Chiron works to enable the alchemist to move into alignment and into accord with their divine self by addressing the split between the physical and spiritual aspects of the self.

A Magickal Adventure

This month the energy of Chiron focuses on the 5th mansion of life and calls for attention in this area of life. The 5th mansion of life is associated with our creative power, our self-expression and our children.

This month, the attention is not so much on the children we have as part of our physical family, but the divine child within each one of us, which is our soul. Focusing on our soul and the healing of our soul presents a wonderful opportunity for restoring a sense of wholeness and integrity at a very deep level of our being. Only by restoring our soul to its full power and natural creative expression, we can come to know our true full potential. We can then live as divine beings on the physical plane and experience life as a magical co-creative adventure.

Your Soul's Healing Journey

Aligning with the energy of the zodiacal sign Leo enables you tap into the organisational ability, feel empowered and access creativity necessary to move forward on your soul’s healing journey so you can experience deep holistic healing and restore a sense of wholeness. You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you this month:

“Fully restored, empowered and whole
I have all the power I need within my soul
I am human and I am divine
Magical being I am and magical life is mine.

Give Yourself the Magical Edge with Eighth Ray Ritual

What is Eighth Ray Ritual?

Eight ray ritual is the magical act of setting a clear focus or intent and working with eighth ray magic to effect positive and powerful change in one’s own life, in the world and in the greater universe. Eighth ray magic is a co-creative act that works with your magical focus or intent and with the power of the heavens and the earth to positively change existing patterns and seed in new improved ones. With eighth ray ritual you can align with the celestial tides of power at any time by working magically and alchemically with the power, intelligence and co-creative wisdom of the planets, zodiacal signs and houses.


Here is a simple Eighth Ray Magic ritual that works with the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© with the Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations that correspond to this month’s celestial oracle focus.

The Focus for this Eighth Ray Ritual is:
to experience life as a magickal adventure.

You can conduct this powerful manifestation ritual daily or whenever you wish.

Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Live Magickally© Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the month.

Have a truly magical month!

Love and Magick

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