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The Keywords
Associated with Pisces


The stellar power that shines through the zodiacal sign Pisces is associated with the archetypes:

  • The Mystic
  • The Sensitive
  • The Saint

and the following keywords:

  • artistic
  • compassionate
  • charitable
  • devoted
  • empathetic
  • ethereal
  • faith-based
  • heavenly
  • imaginative
  • intangible
  • inspirational
  • intuitive
  • mythical
  • poetic
  • psychic
  • selfless
  • spiritual
  • soulful
  • transcendent
  • unconditional love
  • unifying
  • universal

Use any of the above keywords to create your own powerful magickal intentions when working with Eighth Ray Magic Rituals and the zodiacal sign Pisces. View instructions for creating your own Eighth Ray Magic rituals here.

🎨 The Colours
Associated with Pisces

In the realm of esoteric astrology and symbolism, the zodiacal sign of Pisces is often associated with a palette of colours that reflect its deep, mystical, and emotional nature. 

Generally, shades of purple, indigo, and sea-green are linked to this water sign.

Each colour adds a layer of meaning and resonance to the diverse aspects of Pisces’ complex characteristics. Understanding these colour associations can be incredibly beneficial, whether for personal growth or for deeper astrological and esoteric studies.


Associated with intuition, spirituality, and higher consciousness, purple resonates well with the spiritually-inclined nature of Pisces. It is a colour that symbolizes the quest for greater understanding and cosmic connection.


This deep blue colour aligns with the Brow Chakra, emphasizing intuition and insight, qualities that are often strong in Pisces individuals. Indigo enhances the intuitive faculties and deepens a sense of inner knowing.


Given that Pisces is a water sign, the sea-green color ties it back to its elemental nature. Sea-green symbolizes the emotional depth and vastness that Pisces individuals often possess.

Light Blue

This colour emphasizes the emotional fluidity and adaptability that are characteristic traits of Pisces.


Often, the colour silver is linked to lunar energies, which resonate with the changeable, reflective qualities of Pisces.


Denoting purity, spirituality, and higher wisdom, white is another colour that is sometimes associated with Pisces, emphasizing their quest for transcendence and enlightenment.

🔮 The Crystals
Associated with Pisces

The spiritual and emotional depths of Pisces are often mirrored in the realm of crystals and gemstones, each providing specific vibrational energies.

Here are some crystals that are particularly resonant with the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Understanding the vibrational properties of these stones can offer additional layers of insight for those born under the sign of Pisces. Moreover, these crystals can be incorporated into various healing practices, including shamanic work, vibrational medicine, and astrological studies, to enhance the Piscean journey toward spiritual and emotional harmony.


Amethyst is particularly useful for spiritual growth and intuitive expansion. Amethyst is well-aligned with Pisces for its calming and spiritual properties.


As a water sign, Pisces resonates well with aquamarine, which is known for its soothing, ocean-like energy. This crystal enhances emotional balance and communication—both traits essential for Piscean development.


Moonstone is a crystal closely associated with intuition, emotional insight, and the moon’s cyclical energies – all of which resonate with the mutable nature of Pisces.

Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love and emotional healing, rose quartz is deeply resonant with the empathic and compassionate aspects of Pisces.


This crystal encourages rational thought and emotional balance, providing grounding for Pisces when they are adrift in their emotional or imaginative worlds.


Known for its grounding and revitalizing properties, bloodstone can offer a balancing energy to the often emotionally fluctuating Piscean individual.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone enhances qualities like calmness and peace, and may help Pisces individuals in entering meditative or introspective states.


Often used in shamanic rites and spiritual work, Jade embodies wisdom, balance, and peace; attributes that align well with Pisces’ quest for spiritual understanding.

Clear Quartz

A master healer and amplifier, clear quartz can assist Pisces individuals in clarifying their intentions and amplifying their innate intuitive abilities.

🕯 Riding the Moon's Magickal Tides of Power with Rituals and the 12 Zodiacal Signs

Tips and Rituals

The Moon moves into a new zodiacal sign approximately every 2-3 days. You can ride the Moon’s magickal tides of power to help you bring your goals into fruition, manifests your dreams and desires, magickally empower your intentions, send healing energies into the world and much more. 

Visit my Live Magickally® Moon Calendar to view my magickal tips and upcoming rituals. 

Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how my Live Magickally© Magickal Tips are helping you to create more magick in your life.

Love and Magick 

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