Taurus: Keywords, Colours and Crystals – Zodiacal Correspondences

The Keywords
Associated with Taurus


The stellar power that shines through the zodiacal sign Taurus is associated with the archetypes:

  • The Nature Lover
  • The Lover of Life
  • The Traditionalist

and the following keywords:

  • abundant
  • artistic
  • beautiful
  • deliberate
  • dependable
  • determined
  • down-to-earth
  • fertile
  • nature-loving
  • patient
  • persevering
  • practical
  • pragmatic
  • productive
  • reliable
  • resourceful
  • robust
  • secure
  • sensual
  • stable
  • steadfast
  • trustworthy

Use any of the above keywords to create your own powerful magickal intentions when working with Eighth Ray Magic Rituals and the zodiacal sign Taurus. View instructions for creating your own Eighth Ray Magic rituals here.

🎨 The Colours
Associated with Taurus

The zodiac sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus and grounded in the Earth element, has specific colour associations that reflect its practical, sensual, and steadfast nature.

Here are some of the colours that are often linked to Taurus:

Understanding these colour associations offers additional layers of interpretation and meaning for the Taurus archetype. These colours can serve as potent tools in various domains, from personal style choices to esoteric practices, to harmonize with and amplify the innate qualities of Taurus.


Resonating with Taurus’ earthly and fertile qualities, green is the colour most closely associated with this sign. It symbolizes growth, abundance, and a deep connection to nature.


Given Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love and beauty, shades of pink often resonate with this zodiac sign, emphasizing its softer, romantic side.


As an Earth sign, brown tones like taupe, beige, and earthy browns are harmonious with Taurus. They symbolize stability, reliability, and grounding, attributes often strong in Taurus individuals.


Lighter shades like sky blue or turquoise can resonate with the calm and patient nature of Taurus, offering a soothing, tranquil energy.

Cream and White

These colours align with Taurus’ love for purity, simplicity, and elegance, adding a touch of refinement and understated beauty.


This colour can highlight the sensual and luxurious leanings of Taurus, providing an energetic boost to their often laid-back demeanour.


This rich colour amplifies Taurus’ penchant for quality and luxury, adding an element of wealth and prosperity.


A soft, muted purple, lavender can help balance the stubborn and practical aspects of Taurus with a touch of spiritual and emotional sensitivity.

🔮 The Crystals
Associated with Taurus

The grounded and sensual Taurus is supported by an array of crystals that resonate with its Earth element and Venusian influences. These stones each offer unique vibrational attributes that can amplify or balance the various traits of Taurus.

Here are some particularly synergistic crystals:

Understanding the vibrational qualities of these crystals can add depth and richness to the Taurus personality and provide useful tools for personal growth, healing, and spiritual development. These stones could be integrated seamlessly into various healing and esoteric modalities for a holistic approach to wellness and spiritual advancement.

Rose Quartz

Given Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, the stone of unconditional love is a perfect match. Rose Quartz enhances Taurus’ natural romantic and affectionate qualities.


This precious gem is often directly associated with Taurus. It not only amplifies the heart chakra but also brings prosperity and success, aligning with Taurus’ penchant for luxury and stability.

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal enhances the innate wisdom and intuition of Taurus, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around them.


Known for its properties of manifesting abundance and enhancing self-esteem, Citrine compliments Taurus’ ambitious and resourceful nature.

Green Aventurine

This stone resonates well with Taurus’ earthy nature. It is said to bring good fortune and also to balance the emotional body, easing stress and worries.


Given Taurus’ practical and often material-focused nature, Pyrite serves as a grounding tool that also attracts abundance and prosperity.


This calming and balancing stone can help mitigate Taurus’ stubborn streak, providing a more flexible approach to life’s challenges.


Known for its grounding and emotional balancing qualities, agate complements the often pragmatic yet emotional disposition of Taurus.

Blue Kyanite

This stone can aid in clear communication, helping Taurus articulate their often deep-seated feelings and ideas.


Selenite is often considered a master cleansing stone. For Taurus, it provides clarity of mind and purity of spirit.

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Tips and Rituals

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