A range of skills that are applicable in my daily life

“The skills and knowledge I’ve gained from the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program have become invaluable to me in daily life.

I have a new-found awareness of how all living things are energetically connected and how by changing my energy creates a flow-on effect in my reality and beyond.

The teachings and practices I’ve learned are simple but not always easy to master yet are also complex as they fit like puzzle pieces into the greater matrix of our universe. I found the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program to be a brilliant, enlightening and inspiring program that awakens the soul and brings incredible transformation. Looking back, I can see I had a basic awareness of spiritual and energetic matters, but my learning had been somewhat haphazard.

The Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program provided a logical progression of knowledge and skills to practice, enabling me to build a solid understanding along with a range of skills that are applicable in daily life. Creating sacred space, re-calibrating my energy and practicing neutrality are my three favourite skills I use daily.

I had some concerns over whether I had enough knowledge in this area and whether the program would be too advanced for me. I resolved this by reading everything about the program several times, also reading the FAQ’s and testimonials and came to the conclusion that what I did know was relevant to being able to do the program, so I joined.

I enjoyed Franchelle’s videos and found I had to pause them often in order to take notes as they contained so much information.

The program taught me terms or names for different things I had experienced but didn’t know what they were e.g. creating sacred space. It also gave me sound teachings in these areas.

I enjoyed learning and practicing the skills for each teacher plant. I also enjoyed how my daily life lessons and life events synchronized and brought new awareness to the teachings of that month’s teacher plant. It was amazing how relevant these life experiences were to the month’s teachings and how much they allowed for a greater understanding of the subtleties of the teacher plant skills and wisdom.

Rebecca Stenbeck
Naturopath and Business Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

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