Find Your Special Role in the World ~ Celestial Oracle #433 – January 2024

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What's on the Cards This Month?

Find Your Special Role in the World

The 2024 year begins with the brilliant light of the Sun illuminating the 10th mansion of life, the mansion of ambition, destiny, career, business and success.

If there has been any uncertainty in this area of your life, this year is the time for you to discover your direction and find your special role in the world.

The Sun’s energy encourages you to go on a journey of self-exploration. If you are feeling a little ‘root bound’ in your current work or life situation, like a pot plant that has outgrown its pot and needs more room in order to grow and flourish, give yourself permission to explore new avenues for expressing your authentic self.

The Dance of Harmony

Libra’s graceful presence brings a focus on harmony in relationships. It encourages you to find the middle ground in interactions with others and maintain a sense of inner harmony and equilibrium in challenging situations. 

This month, as you navigate through life’s complexities, seek to establish harmony in your relationships and within yourself. It’s a time to carefully assess your choices and weigh your options. Make all decisions with fairness and strive for a balance that resonates within your soul.

Do the Work That Serves Higher Good

The 10th Mansion of Life is positioned at the top of an astrological chart, and from an exoteric perspective it is associated our career, ambition and destiny. From an esoteric and magickal perspective it is focused on the work we do that is beyond ourselves, the work that  serves the greater good or a higher purpose. This kind of work can be some form of service or volunteer work, or it can be part of your career and business. You know you are doing it when you feel deep in your soul and spirit that you are following your calling and you are fulfilling your destiny.

This Month’s Magickal Integration and Action

As you journey through the month of January, you can integrate the Sun’s vital illuminating energy, Libra’s harmony and the ambitious energy of the 10th Mansion of Life into your personal life. Embrace your role as a harmoniser and a leader in your work and career. Seek out opportunities for your soul to shine in your professional life. Remember, your actions this month have the power to pave a path of harmony and success, not just for you but for those who are influenced by you.

Reflections for the Soul

As you embark on this month’s journey, ask yourself:

  • How can I embody the Sun’s radiance in my daily life? Where can I shine?
  • In what ways can I create more harmony in my relationships?
  • What leadership role is calling me in my career or community?

Allow these reflections to guide you as you navigate January’s celestial tides of power. Remember, the cosmos is not just ‘above’, it is also ‘below’ within you, guiding you towards your highest potential and your destiny.

Spiritual Affirmation*

You can use the following spiritual affirmation to support you this month:

*To give this spiritual affirmation more magickal empower, say it at the end of your Eighth Ray Magic Ritual

Give Yourself the Magickal Edge with Eighth Ray Ritual

What is Eighth Ray Ritual?

Eight Ray Ritual is the magickal act of setting a clear focus or intent and working with Eighth Ray Magic to effect positive and powerful change in one’s own life, in the world and in the greater universe. Eighth Ray Magic is a co-creative act that works with your magickal focus or intent and with the power of the heavens and the earth to positively change existing patterns and seed in new improved ones. With Eighth Ray ritual you can align with the celestial tides of power at any time by working magically and alchemically with the power, intelligence and co-creative wisdom of the planets, zodiacal signs and houses.


Here is a simple Eighth Ray Magic ritual that works with the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© with the Porta Alchémica® magickal formulations that correspond to this month’s celestial oracle focus.

The Focus for this Eighth Ray Ritual is:

to fulfil my special role in the world

You can conduct this powerful manifestation ritual daily or whenever you wish.

Share your comments below. I’m interested to hear how this Living Magickally© Celestial Oracle is helping you to create the right focus for the month.

Have a truly magickal month!

Love and Magick

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