I highly recommend Franchelle as a hypnotherapist

“In 2019 I had a series of consecutive hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle.

I am a published writer and I was experiencing a lack of energy which was affecting the writing my second book.

Franchelle has a calm presence that instils confidence as she listens deeply. She helped me to establish a clear focus for our sessions. Together we were able to explore my experiences to uncover the core beliefs that have been shaping my life. After each session I felt deeply touched by the magnitude of the shifts that I experienced and so I took the time to sit with the experience and feel into a different way of being present to myself. I was experiencing having been released from the old pattern of having the need to be a rescuer.

Since my sessions I completed and published my second book in record time. I highly recommend Franchelle as a hypnotherapist. She has the ability to meet you where you are and to draw on her extensive knowledge from working with clients on multi dimensional levels of experience.”

Madeline K. Adams
Author, New Zealand

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber