My deepest fears were confronted, then overcome and healed

“”My life has irrevocably changed since partaking in the Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program. I did not expect to be doing this program as I was all set to flow onto the Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© program after completing the shamanic apprenticeship with the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© . But I heard the call, loud and clear, “all hands on deck!” when it was launched. So, with Faith lodged firmly in my pocket I signed up, knowing very little about what I was in for! I’m eternally grateful I did.

I had reservations all through the first two months of the program, the Orientation and Preparation months thinking I’m not advanced enough spiritually for this, but relied on that initial call that I was meant to be there. My levels of commitment and trust were challenged, then overcome and enhanced. My deepest fears were confronted, then overcome and healed. My concept of Love was challenged leaving a deeper, truer love in its place. It was left in my hands to embrace how much or little of what was offered me from the Regents. Their unconditional Love is limitless as is the amount I could learn from them. I could have sat at their feet for much longer, enrapt by the wonders and wisdoms of the Universe.

The only hindrance to beginning and completing this program was from within my own mind. I had to believe in the magic within me that was bursting to come forth. I had to open my mind to new ways of looking at teachers, at learning and of the Planets role in our lives.

My favourite time of the month was the 4th quarter of the Moon where I felt all I had learned and experienced in the first 3 quarters all meld into a comprehensive story that I could grasp hold of and incorporate into my life. I love that the Eighth Ray rituals held a sameness so I came to memorise them with repetition so they became alive and a part of me.

I enjoyed the weekly questions in the Medicine Woman Online School for they kept me attuned to what I was to take notice of throughout the month. I found myself surprised with just how much I had learned when answering them.

I feel the Celestial Regents with me daily now. I feel Isis-Urania alive and active within me. My life is now a vibrant, colourful, exciting place to be, filled with magic and purpose, that keeps bringing more rewarding relationships and experiences to my door.”

Phillippa Bell-Baggaley
New Zealand

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