My light is shining brighter with a radiance of clarity

“The Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© has truly been a life transforming and magical journey exposing many hidden buried treasures within my holistic being, those treasures were always there just waiting for the right time to be revealed through an awakening and each beautiful healer’s teacher plant essence in their uniqueness activated the magic of necessary change, as a soul I was ready to embrace with grace their wisdom.

As a result of stepping up and embracing this program I don’t look back, life up till now has been rejuvenated and embraced in my magical weaving of a colourful tapestry that is ever evolving in my new dance of life.

I feel my light is shining brighter with a radiance of clarity, I know where I am going and being solely in charge and responsible for every aspect of my multidimensional being is so very exciting. I have begun my own healing practice from home and have also been asked to be a part of a new crystal shop in town. The magic has begun, I feel aligned with my craft and journey of my blueprint.

For the most part of my life I was always trying to fit in even if it was uncomfortable, I would lose my sense of identity in relationships, always giving my power away to another or outside influences not really knowing or feeling that I belonged anywhere.

Through this exceptional program I now have the necessary tools in my Kete and know how to draw on them through the taught soul qualities, disciplines and ancient wisdom of each of the powerful energetic qualities of each teacher plant essence. There has been a monumental shift with my consciousness.

The commitment I made to the program required a shift within my discipline practices around finances and time management with my employment. I would fear I wouldn’t have enough money and now the shift in consciousness has brought abundance.

It took me some time to get my head around the new concept for me of studying in a virtual classroom. I have been used to being in a physical classroom with a tutor on site, I feel very blessed and thankful for this new concept and way of learning, this opportunity has enabled me to open my mind & challenge old mind sets making way for change.

To be totally honest this process has brought my relationship with self into a deeper level of self awareness and mastery. My relationship with each individual healers teacher plant essence and learning the language of spirit through my multidimensional self has dismantled many mind sets.

My favourite things about the online program: Right from the beginning I felt like I was on this amazing magical mystery tour that was going to transform my life, I was hungry for change, I was ready and open for that special energy of a life changing elixir.

My chariot had been ready for some time just waiting for me to get out of my own way and say yes here is the opportunity for change, get on board and buckle yourself in the time is now.

The new moon of each lunar cycle was exciting for me as I knew meeting a new teacher plant essence was going to bring new growth, I welcomed with love and respect the wonderful new challenges I would face and the beautiful sacred soul qualities that would emerge.

I really enjoyed with each rite of passage designing my Healers Necklace, this was something entirely new for me, I enjoyed bringing out my creative skills.

The dark of the moon phase in the lunar month was very special for me, the storytelling aspect allowed my creative mind to be free and connect with that magical, mystical scribe that had needed to write without restriction of the critical mind.

Like a dance through the expression of words weaving my craft through my soul brought healing in abundance, looking back through my journal brings tears of great joy and feelings of immense love.

The Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program would have to be the most powerful life transforming journey I have ever undertaken, it is definitely not for the faint hearted, I feel so very blessed to have been a part of an exceptional program with the loving support of Franchelle and the school fairy, other fellow travellers and all the sacred healers teacher plant essences. Love in abundance.

Jennifer Tuffin
Reiki Master, Community Support Worker, Whanganui, New Zealand

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