Revelations relating to family patterns

“I really like the First Light® Seeds – New Beginnings course and learning how DNA impactation effect the epigenetics of DNA (expression of genes) rather than DNA itself. I also enjoyed learning about the esoteric layers of DNA and that the twostrands discovered by science are only the remainders of the other 10 that we have lost. It made sense that we are physical bodies but lost connection with our metaphysical world.

The First Light® Seeds – New Beginnings course helped me understand that the DNA stays pure and pristine but is clogged by impactation at an epigenetic level and that the potential for light is within us and intact but needs to be purified with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® seed essences. Finding my constitutional seed essence and relating it to my family line was a revelation to understand behavioural patterns through my whanau.”

Loïc Van Hille
Osteopath, Whangarei, New Zealand

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