The result was instantaneous!

“I wanted to share a story about the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© blends.

I purchased this set for my nine year old for his birthday. He was pretty happy to receive them. I keep them with me in a travel pouch that stays in my handbag so I can use them with him where ever we might be.

I teach one day a week at Te Kura o Aorere as a food tech teacher. I like to say that I am teaching emotional intelligence via food!

This year I have a new cohort of students, none of whom I am familiar with. On Tuesday in class I noticed one of my students was looking distressed shaking and pale. I checked in with her and she said she felt very anxious. I gave her three sprays on the tongue of each of the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© blends. The result was instantaneous! She instantly felt calmer and more settled.

We put three sprays of the First Light Natural Health® Inner Stability© in her water bottle to help ‘carry’ her through the day.

She came to me at the end of our four hour class and asked to take a photo of the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© bottles as she said they worked better for her than traditional rescue remedy.

I just wanted to share that these products are out there in the world working their magic!”

Aorere/Golden Bay, New Zealand

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber