Deep empowering epiphany

“At a pivotal point in my life of completion and new beginnings, the Spiritual Consultancy session with Franchelle has given me real information of what I need to focus on now to grow, evolve, and importantly achieve. I intuitively knew some areas, but not all.

Importantly, Franchelle opened these areas of focus up to a whole new level of possible achievement that I was not aware of. This is priceless information.

Additionally, Franchelle highlighted an area of life that is/was an issue from a very different perceptive and how this impacts on me. After reflection and re-listening to the taped session I had a deep empowering epiphany. I got it, and to quote Franchelle, “real shifts in consciousness happen when we get it“. When we are doing what we are here to do, we have purpose, life flows and each day is more magical. What a gift to give to yourself! Thank you Franchelle, thank you.”

Kim Ahrens
Paris, France

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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber